Welcome to Mount Sinai Catering.

Please Note: As of 10/27/2017 the update of our credit card system has been completed!You will now be required to create and save new credit card wallet entries for use on future orders.
Any credit card wallets created in the past have now been deleted.
Click here for step-by-step instructions for creating new wallets.

At Mount Sinai Catering, we are proud of our reputation for quality food and good service. Mount Sinai Catering serves small and large dinner parties, corporate events, wine dinners, buffet dinners, cocktail parties, brunch, fundraisers, barbeques, and much more.

Catering Services will do our greatest to ensure that your event is a complete success. To facilitate the planning of your memorable function, we kindly ask that all holiday catering requests be made two weeks in advance. Catering requests for over 100 people will require additional lead time of five business days. To inquire about availability of services for any of the holidays, please contact the Catering Office.

All duplication requests should be made via email to Michael.Taylor@mountsinai.org followed by the invoice number(s) that should be duplicated.

If you should require assistance with your catering order please email Michael.Taylor@mountsinai.org


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